My Blog is on Sabbatical or Escape from blogging.

Or Pause , or on hold.  But I thought "on sabbatical" sounded more spiritual. Ha!  I have learned in my life to stick with what I can do and quit frustrating myself with what I can't get done. Blogging was one of those things I could never "get to".

 To meet my *writing fiction goals, something had to give and so I sign off for a while. Trusting God's leading, I will be back.

* and editing, and finding reviews, and cover photos and beta readers and Amazon and Kindle ads. Did I mention I have two teens at home? (Okay now you get it!)

Escape to peace, Julia  


Escape to your truth


This one’s a bit tricky.  My historical walk of faith only gives room for the Word of God to carry real truth.  We are untrustworthy humans with loopy emotions and triggers.  No way can we trust our own truth as real truth. But I’m coming to accept that I do have a personal truth. And it can even be flawed with absurd emotions and bias opinion. But it’s mine.  I’m not trying to compete with God’s truth (like I could- ha!).  My truth has to resonate within owning who I am, how God made me to tick.  Just a big dose of acceptance, I guess.

You could fill your journal with every truth God says about you and be enriched.

But go wild and journal your own truth for those deep longings and aspirations.


Here’s a few of mine:  Julie’s truth (after 5 kids) if I never go to another back to school night or Christmas program- I will be fine with that.

After a normal work week, my entire weekend cannot be all give.  I will plan for a soul filler in there somewhere.

I’m still grieving Chip and Joanna going off HGTV. But find comfort in my Magnolia T-shirt.  Thank you Renee.


I missed the deep longs and aspiration part- but you’ll do better.

Escape from opportunities


Confession: I might struggle with discernment. I look at most good opportunities as good for me to say yes to. I need fodder for my ADD brain to feed on, so most good ideas must be from God cause they look, smell, and ring good. Discernment stops me and says “Looks like a good opportunity, but is it your opportunity.” Humm…that sounds like I’m supposed to pray and look at my “have to’s” and hold this opportunity up against them? Wow- funny that, though good, maybe not just the right piece to my puzzle. The opportunity just can’t quite be shoved into place.

Frankly, I’m one of those “without a target, you’ll hit nothing every time”…or something like that.

So, My Top Goals, Target Rings, Puzzle on God’s Game Table…you name it and get

Carry Joy into my marriage and family.

Live in extravagant faith (while balancing giving and soul care).

To see God at work in my writing while I vow to calm the shaky hand that wants to grab the reins.


Get your journal out and do this with me:  Jesus what does this opportunity really do for me?

Oh, that fear of missing out thing…good point Lord. Oh, that see myself as productive and important thing…another good point Lord.                                                 

Escape to the inner-sanctum (cue windy-moody music)

As a writer, I hear a lot of talk about the interior motives and the exterior motives of the characters. People’s interior thoughts and feelings always carry the story.  The how, why and when is important, but we want to know what’s going on inside them through the up and down turns of the story. Stay with me-God absolutely cares that your car is in the shop or your kid flunked out of biology. BUT I believe He deeply desires to connect with our soul.  Our interior story. Look at a challenge in your life today.  Take it inside…

katherine-hanlon-417921 (1).jpg

Where is the fear from?

Is there a lie you are believing?

Grab ahold of some truth and do a rewrite with that interior story.

Here is one recently from my journal:

Jesus, I like writing stories, but going public to sell a product, overwhelms me.

Jesus: AKA Truth. You trust me in the quiets moments of writing to lead and guide you.  Can you trust Me in this area where you see your inadequacies?  My strength is often made perfect in weakness. Be still, sweetheart.

Mmmm, I love that you think my heart something sweet.  Thanks, Lord, I receive your strength and peace over the unknowns today.


Escape into single focus

I’ve noticed on the 6-minute minivan ride to the bus stop, my teen has bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen all happening in the front seat. It’s a whirlwind that leaves socks, wrappers, lotion, makeup, sweatshirts still swirling after she jumps out. I drive away thinking “what in the world is all this?” As I pull away from the bus stop, I pick my scripture reading on my phone, merge onto the freeway, navigate morning traffic and think about what work is going to look like today.  Oh, and my throat is scratchy, I think I’ll make a hot tea when I get to work. I wonder if I could jump out of my brain, all my thoughts would just keep swirling.   Humm sounds familiar. Outside evidence of rushed and unfocused, looks like the seats of my van.  Inside rush and unfocused looks like a day started with a task list and the Word of God finding nowhere to land. Ugg




OH, how my soul deserves rest and single focus.

I’m going to ask Jesus something like, Jesus you gave me peace and truth for this day.  Why do I try to shove those necessary things in with the unnecessary?


Escape into your story

While having lunch with my sister-in-law who doesn’t read a lot of fiction.  She asked me about the process of outlining a story.  I told her ever good story has to hold the tension through challenge, loss, unexpected highs, and lows.  But the trick of romance is all in the love.  It’s the thread of love throughout the story that keeps us reading.  Love has to prevail. Then as the clouds parted (in the building) and the light hit my brain.  I saw something. That’s the same with all our stories!  We ALL live somewhere in the tension, challenges, highs, and lows—BUT the love of God is the thread that holds our life stories together. There is no heights or depths or loss or challenge that will separate us from the LOVE of God.  His love is the thread that us gets us up every morning and moving, believing for His Love to Prevail.


Journal or tell Jesus your top love threads you see in your life today.

Write out Romans 8:38 and then treat yourself to Kim Walker-Smith singing Unstoppable Love. So good!

Escape into the early morning.

Escape into the early morning.

As the weather allows, every morning between 6 and 7, I slip out my back door and into the backyard. 


Funny that-The sun is rising above the same spot every morning. Old wood fence, a large bush turned tree and there again is the first glows of a new day.  I escape this morning into His faithfulness.  That sun has never risen over another portion of fencing.  It has never been green; it’s always golds and oranges.  My Father has faithfully promised a new day, each day.  New grace for each day. New choices, new truth, new hope, and peace.  Faithful, so faithful.

Get your journal out.

Question for Jesus:  Tell me anew Jesus how you are faithful to me today.

Now tell Him what that means to you.

Escape into cleaning. What? Are you feverish?

Hear me out. I had four generations in my home on Sunday, and I don’t have a big house.  Great grandpa was watching football. His grandchildren sat around him on their phones. The great-grands ran inside- then outside, then inside.  A swing, game of croquet, a sandbox and a spilled box of legos- spread hither. How is one to escape?  When five of the great-grands left, I stepped past the puzzles and legos and went outside to the sandbox.  I contemplated digging and making some mud pies, but the littles had left more sand out than in.  So I did the only respectable thing for the daughter, mom, and grandma- I cleaned.  It was solitary, and it felt good to re right something in my hectic day. (Yep, you're right- it was sand, plastic play cups, and shovels). BUT it was an escape for a few minutes that set my soul back up again.


Get your journal out:

What was the last thing you did, that helped your soul escape or reset?

Tell Jesus what it means that He would give you “His Peace.”

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  John 14:27 NIV


Escape from control.

Everyone on social media has these great one great liners over an amazing picture of a person standing on top of the Alps. My husband walked into the kitchen in his fancy yard attire. (Old shorts and a beater T-Shirt.) ”I have my own one liner!” he said.  Not to say he is a man without deep thoughts- but I braced myself for a corny joke. Then he said, (music stills) “Worry is a manifestation of our need for control.”  I Love it! Because he’s talking about himself, just easier than saying, “Worry is my manifestation of my need to be in control.” That’s a “good word” I said, wide-eyed.  He’s been asking Jesus about this deep need to be in control.  It’s driven his life all these years- but it doesn’t work in his spiritual life. It kinda competes with these other lovely things called TRUST and REST.

"Worry is a manifestation of our need for control."

"Worry is a manifestation of our need for control."

Get your journal out:

How do you escape the grip of control and worry?

What would be your one-liner today?


Escape with the FRR formula for peace.

So you know how you’re going along just fine until you hear bad news or someone you care about has something serious going on.  One minute you were up, the next minute you are carrying your/their fear or worry, and you feel your spirit slumping thought out the day. That’s when it’s time for the FRR formula. Usually I sell it for $19.99 but today and today only- it’s absolutely free. (Yes-I’m joking)

F is for FEAR (remember that the mercy and empathy that you carry is a gift from God ) But your still worried.

R is for RELEASE (no need to wait) Jesus is available right now to take anything you are willing to release to Him. Pray, write it out… visualize the hand off.

R is for RECEIVE Now you can receive was is meant for you. Thank the Lord for His peace and His Hope and the Faith (what else?) that He has given you for that spirit of heaviness. 

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