A Snippet of Testimony 

One summer, when I was eight years old, a neighbor lady invited me to a Vacation Bible school at her church and I jumped in her car. (These where the olden days when your parents just let you loose.)   We drove out to the country to this wooden A- frame church. I remember sitting on the floor with a bunch of kids and singing songs. Morning Has Broken sticks in my mind, because the radio station would play it and I could sing along. Somehow I felt a connection to the words but had little grid for what it was about.  My favorite memory of that week was behind the church there were fields with rows and rows of wheat.  And they would let us out for a break and I would run through the fields with my arms open. My jeans and arms would be wet from the dew. But I just loved it.  God began to touch my heart through two desires. One to connect with these churchy songs, and the second was a freedom my heart needed to run with abandon. Interestingly a year or so earlier the enemy had set me up for a life of shame and insecurity, but God already had a plan to pull me to Him.

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Today, one of my favorite worship bands is Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band. There is a song called Let It Happen.  Listen to it on YouTube:

"So take me back, back to the beginning, when I was young running through the fields with you." The chorus says over and over. And He whispers to your heart- to let it go and be alive.  Come alive your full of life now, full of passion, that’s how he made you, just let it happen."

Until about three years ago, the lies I have believed about myself and my self-imposed rules of the church tried to suffocate the life of God in me.  I had tried to strive for everything that was already done for me.  Jesus did the work on the cross, I just had to peal through a lot of junk to see that His love, acceptance, approval were already mine. He already did the work.  He already bore the pain.  He already showed me the path to the Father. Perfectionism, responsibility, and control where my bondage.

I needed to let go and come alive.  One of the interesting things that came alive in my freedom is my desire to write romance.  I would have never allowed it to have a heartbeat in my religious rule days. But I’ve been taken back to the freedom that was always mine.  To run through fields or write romance...   

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I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend.  I pray that I hug, laugh and smile more than anything else.  I am a worshiper, dreamer and believer.  I am a follower of Christ.  I have moved from servant of God to Daughter. I asked Jesus about running through the fields with me?  I got a clear- "absolutely." 

How cool, Someone wrote that song for me. 

It you’re going to YouTube watch Will Reagan, Head to the Heart.

"There’s no shame in looking like a fool, when I give You what I can’t keep to take ahold of You."