Black Coat

One of the enjoyable parts of writing Black Coat was choosing the setting of Carver, Minnesota. As of date, this is the first time I’ve used an actual town that I’ve have visited. My daughter, Emily, and her husband Drew once lived in Carver. Before writing out the Black Coat storyline. I went on a *trip from California, (where I live), to Carver, and thoroughly enjoyed a tour of the historic town. Antique shops included! The old school building with tan bricks, the original sidewalks, and historic homes were perfect fuel for my imagination to go wild.

As a new writer, I had not outlined “Mighty One” into a series. They just came together with each young person, whom I left dangling. Ha! And whom God, in His gracious light, brought the story of redemption and wholeness to the characters’ lives.

The only other “real” influence beside the town was Nadine at the piano. Three of my four girls took many years of piano lessons, and Emily was the only one who stuck with it and made it her own personal time with God. There was no greater joy as a mom, to move through my home while she was at the piano playing soft chords and worshiping spontaneously. Translating those moments into
Nadine's story was hard to write. Many of you have experienced the presence of God like this, and it isn't something you can put into words easily. Emily met her husband, Drew, at a summer worship school here in California, and now they make their home outside of Minneapolis where Drew is a worship pastor. It’s a good love story also!

“The LORD shows his true love every day.
At night I have a song and I pray to my living God.” Psalm 42:8 NCV