Broken Chain

Writing Burgundy Gloves was a hobby of something to do for fun. Most of the writing was haphazard and lacking structure. It was never going to be read by anyone but me, so I just had fun with it. Then something strange happened. I got to the end of Burgundy Gloves and was still dreaming about the story line. If I was going to write for fun again, who would the next book be about? Why, Ben Graham of course! Before I started on Broken Chain, I wondered if there were any outlines one should have for writing a novel. Whaa-Laa, Google and Youtube! Unbeknownst to me, there were all kinds of rules and important things to know about writing before you started such an endeavor. I love learning new things and so I started a notebook of helpful points that should come into play when writing a story. The good news is, when you begin to embrace structure and plot points etc..., the writing flows out much better. (I had to go back and rewrite and chop over 20,000 words from Burgundy Gloves). Then without much pre-planing, the third book, Black Coat, flowed out.

A promise to you readers; all my series are stand-alone stories. I’ve tossed and skidded a few books across my living room, due to the fact that some 80,000 words later, the story left me hanging at the end. Ugg! I can’t do that to anyone, so I always write knowing you should be able to pick them up out of order and enjoy a full story.

Ben Graham lands in the midst of the Von Keller Dairy Farm. Funny side note: through all 3 books I had named the Van Kirk’s after Dr. Van Kirk my gynecologist. Not that he’s a total villain in my life, but somehow with the German heritage and his dark eyes, it fit. My editor said Van Kirk was not German and so my gynecologist was off the hook and the Von Kellers were in. Nobody I know. I have also never been to Wisconsin, or a dairy farm. But I do know of the struggles young people (especially raised in the church) have to find their own way. And the children of overprotective parents who only want them safe, sometimes create the wedge that pushes them far from the safety net. But who I KNOW the best, is the give it all for Jesus girl, Margaret. I could write her all day long because I lived most my Christian walk trying to do more, jump higher, and be perfect. A warped belief that I could earn some level of acceptance. Been there and OVER that. I accept myself (hobby mom turned author) and every wart in-between. Fixing my eyes on Jesus also includes seeing myself in His grace and acceptance.

Do I hear a song coming on???

Yep, Kim Walker is singing Break Every Chain. I’m singing it like I believe it!

Our ALL Sufficient Sacrifice-Jesus!