Leaving Lennhurst Book 1: Elias

Love Covers

Welcome, Dear Ones to my newest series called Leaving Lennhurst.


Three stand-alone historical romances. Love Covers (Elias story) Love Flies (Patience story) and Love Protects (Anna’s story). All three main characters knew each other as children at Lennhurst Asylum and Hospital for Disabled Children. The setting for all three books is just after the civil war and now as adults, how are they fairing in the big unpredictable world away from Lennhurst Asylum?

Book 1-Elias Brown, Love Covers

On the Cover of Love Covers is sweet Lauren Campbell (Thank you lovely Megan Vallotton for lending your beauty to her)

Lauren is Covered in dread as the towns mortician’s daughter.

Elias needs to be Covered (a bad experience haunts him from Lennhusrt)

They leave town in a Covered wagon.

And most of all, Love Covers a Multitude of Sin.  Did I cover that okay?  Much more coverage, romance, intrigue inside the book.