Escape from control.

Everyone on social media has these great one great liners over an amazing picture of a person standing on top of the Alps. My husband walked into the kitchen in his fancy yard attire. (Old shorts and a beater T-Shirt.) ”I have my own one liner!” he said.  Not to say he is a man without deep thoughts- but I braced myself for a corny joke. Then he said, (music stills) “Worry is a manifestation of our need for control.”  I Love it! Because he’s talking about himself, just easier than saying, “Worry is my manifestation of my need to be in control.” That’s a “good word” I said, wide-eyed.  He’s been asking Jesus about this deep need to be in control.  It’s driven his life all these years- but it doesn’t work in his spiritual life. It kinda competes with these other lovely things called TRUST and REST.

"Worry is a manifestation of our need for control."

"Worry is a manifestation of our need for control."

Get your journal out:

How do you escape the grip of control and worry?

What would be your one-liner today?