Escape with the FRR formula for peace.

So you know how you’re going along just fine until you hear bad news or someone you care about has something serious going on.  One minute you were up, the next minute you are carrying your/their fear or worry, and you feel your spirit slumping thought out the day. That’s when it’s time for the FRR formula. Usually I sell it for $19.99 but today and today only- it’s absolutely free. (Yes-I’m joking)

F is for FEAR (remember that the mercy and empathy that you carry is a gift from God ) But your still worried.

R is for RELEASE (no need to wait) Jesus is available right now to take anything you are willing to release to Him. Pray, write it out… visualize the hand off.

R is for RECEIVE Now you can receive was is meant for you. Thank the Lord for His peace and His Hope and the Faith (what else?) that He has given you for that spirit of heaviness. 

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