Escape into your story

While having lunch with my sister-in-law who doesn’t read a lot of fiction.  She asked me about the process of outlining a story.  I told her ever good story has to hold the tension through challenge, loss, unexpected highs, and lows.  But the trick of romance is all in the love.  It’s the thread of love throughout the story that keeps us reading.  Love has to prevail. Then as the clouds parted (in the building) and the light hit my brain.  I saw something. That’s the same with all our stories!  We ALL live somewhere in the tension, challenges, highs, and lows—BUT the love of God is the thread that holds our life stories together. There is no heights or depths or loss or challenge that will separate us from the LOVE of God.  His love is the thread that us gets us up every morning and moving, believing for His Love to Prevail.


Journal or tell Jesus your top love threads you see in your life today.

Write out Romans 8:38 and then treat yourself to Kim Walker-Smith singing Unstoppable Love. So good!