Escape into single focus

I’ve noticed on the 6-minute minivan ride to the bus stop, my teen has bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen all happening in the front seat. It’s a whirlwind that leaves socks, wrappers, lotion, makeup, sweatshirts still swirling after she jumps out. I drive away thinking “what in the world is all this?” As I pull away from the bus stop, I pick my scripture reading on my phone, merge onto the freeway, navigate morning traffic and think about what work is going to look like today.  Oh, and my throat is scratchy, I think I’ll make a hot tea when I get to work. I wonder if I could jump out of my brain, all my thoughts would just keep swirling.   Humm sounds familiar. Outside evidence of rushed and unfocused, looks like the seats of my van.  Inside rush and unfocused looks like a day started with a task list and the Word of God finding nowhere to land. Ugg




OH, how my soul deserves rest and single focus.

I’m going to ask Jesus something like, Jesus you gave me peace and truth for this day.  Why do I try to shove those necessary things in with the unnecessary?