Escape to your truth


This one’s a bit tricky.  My historical walk of faith only gives room for the Word of God to carry real truth.  We are untrustworthy humans with loopy emotions and triggers.  No way can we trust our own truth as real truth. But I’m coming to accept that I do have a personal truth. And it can even be flawed with absurd emotions and bias opinion. But it’s mine.  I’m not trying to compete with God’s truth (like I could- ha!).  My truth has to resonate within owning who I am, how God made me to tick.  Just a big dose of acceptance, I guess.

You could fill your journal with every truth God says about you and be enriched.

But go wild and journal your own truth for those deep longings and aspirations.


Here’s a few of mine:  Julie’s truth (after 5 kids) if I never go to another back to school night or Christmas program- I will be fine with that.

After a normal work week, my entire weekend cannot be all give.  I will plan for a soul filler in there somewhere.

I’m still grieving Chip and Joanna going off HGTV. But find comfort in my Magnolia T-shirt.  Thank you Renee.


I missed the deep longs and aspiration part- but you’ll do better.