Escape from opportunities


Confession: I might struggle with discernment. I look at most good opportunities as good for me to say yes to. I need fodder for my ADD brain to feed on, so most good ideas must be from God cause they look, smell, and ring good. Discernment stops me and says “Looks like a good opportunity, but is it your opportunity.” Humm…that sounds like I’m supposed to pray and look at my “have to’s” and hold this opportunity up against them? Wow- funny that, though good, maybe not just the right piece to my puzzle. The opportunity just can’t quite be shoved into place.

Frankly, I’m one of those “without a target, you’ll hit nothing every time”…or something like that.

So, My Top Goals, Target Rings, Puzzle on God’s Game Table…you name it and get

Carry Joy into my marriage and family.

Live in extravagant faith (while balancing giving and soul care).

To see God at work in my writing while I vow to calm the shaky hand that wants to grab the reins.


Get your journal out and do this with me:  Jesus what does this opportunity really do for me?

Oh, that fear of missing out thing…good point Lord. Oh, that see myself as productive and important thing…another good point Lord.