Escape to the inner-sanctum (cue windy-moody music)

As a writer, I hear a lot of talk about the interior motives and the exterior motives of the characters. People’s interior thoughts and feelings always carry the story.  The how, why and when is important, but we want to know what’s going on inside them through the up and down turns of the story. Stay with me-God absolutely cares that your car is in the shop or your kid flunked out of biology. BUT I believe He deeply desires to connect with our soul.  Our interior story. Look at a challenge in your life today.  Take it inside…

katherine-hanlon-417921 (1).jpg

Where is the fear from?

Is there a lie you are believing?

Grab ahold of some truth and do a rewrite with that interior story.

Here is one recently from my journal:

Jesus, I like writing stories, but going public to sell a product, overwhelms me.

Jesus: AKA Truth. You trust me in the quiets moments of writing to lead and guide you.  Can you trust Me in this area where you see your inadequacies?  My strength is often made perfect in weakness. Be still, sweetheart.

Mmmm, I love that you think my heart something sweet.  Thanks, Lord, I receive your strength and peace over the unknowns today.